M.A+ F/W 2011: First Shipment

Double Fold Shoe

 Focus: Footwear
The first shipment of the m.a+ F/W11 season has arrived and we are excited to present the unveiling of Amadei's new footwear. Along with the new designs, we see an overhaul in the construction of the shoe's interior. The inner sole now features a contoured heel, which offers added comfort to pad the wearer's peds. The presentation also sees further elaboration in Amadei's approach to single piece leather fabrication. As seen in the "Double Fold Shoe", the leather is folded and stitched in an origami-esque manner, that has become a signature feature of Amadei's workings with skins. This new design reveals the creation of a gusset on either side, which form the tongue in the upper.

The diagonal line created by the folds provide a point of demarcation, lending visual weight beyond the toebox as well as continuity to the design elements seen in the clothing articles in the m.a+ arsenal.

The gussets in the double fold shoe are executed flawlessly without impeding upon the slim and sleek silhouette, as seen above.

Suture Stitch Shoe

The "Side Lace" Shoe. Here is a model that was slated to be revealed a couple of seasons back. We felt that the work was ready at the time, but Maurizio was quite unhappy with the lacing system, which he felt needed some improvement. So the piece was pulled from the offerings until such time that he felt it was completed in every respect. We appreciate Maurizio's dedication to both his vision and to the end wearer. So with the lacing system improved, we see it surface for the season and we at Sartorialoft are swooning over the unrivaled beauty in the unmistakable identifier that is seen in the hand-stitched anchor work.

This model is particularly exciting as with the presentation of the diagonal side lace shoe, we do not see a mere new offering of footwear, but an expounding upon of the "second skin" principles developed in the Continues movement. Here, a seamless front view likens the leather to the second skin concept which envelops the foot as one and is then fastened by a system reminiscent to hidden sutures. A well conceived development of the digital stitching seen in the progressive project "Sartoria", which was spear-headed by the team of Altieri and Amadei.

One-Piece Derby

And of course, the classic one piece derby. A staple piece of timeless design.