Layer-0 SS12

The second shipment of Layer-0.

Green cordovan Derby

Black Cordovan Ankle Boot

Black Cordovan Tall Boot

Canvas 5 Pocket Pant

Linen Over Pant

Double Layer Shirt

Linen 3 Button Anatomic Blazer

Short Sleeve Horse Leather Anatomic Caban

Marvielab SS12

Marvielab Cumbini Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
available at Sartorialoft Hong Kong

The theme for the Marvielab 2012 annual collection centers around the concept of combinations.
Cum+bini (Latin etymology for the term 'to combine') is the foundation of the creative process for the collection's fabrics and the new volumes introduced in the five ongoing projects that comprise the collection: S+M+L, T-shirt, Jersey2, Coating & sUole.

The concept of Cumbini is expressed by combining pieces and their contrasting details (i.e. the pairing of fabrics for different layers or matching the contrasting details of the outer layer (jacket) with the fabric of the interior (shirt). This functional expression is possible for the first time, as the collection of fabrics are mutually integrated among the different projects. The principle of Cumbini is also realized in the collection's canvas fabrics. The materials themselves have been developed to be a cohesive extension of the concept, by combining two yarns of two different natural fibers. Here, wool is a black shade of cool hue and the cotton is navy. The linen and silk yarns are un-dyed, reflecting their natural color for the purpose of incorporating the carefully considered combination of yarns, which give way to the emergence of a mélange weave that provides a subtle depth of color.  

The S Jacket is offered in a cotton-linen blend. The sleeve placket and buttons have been altered for Sartorialoft for a more streamlined aesthetic. The pockets are offered in a contrast color, which is a consistent feature in the collection, to highlight the lines given to the pockets for each piece.

The M Jacket is offered here in a Wool/Linen fabric. The linen offers the ability for the fabric to breathe, while the wool provides structure to the piece.

The L Gilet is offered here in the Cotton/Linen fabric. Though the Gilet is meant to be worn with it corresponding jacket (i.e. S+S, M+M, L+L), we feel that the L gilet is a fine pairing with the S jacket. 

The Short Coat from the Coating project is presented here in the Cotton Linen again to be offered as a complete pairing option to the S jacket and L gilet. 

The M pant in the Cotton/Linen Cumbini Fabric with contrasting pocket details. The pockets are not finished with a cotton liner, but constructed from the Cumbini fabric inside as well as out.

The L pant in black Cotton-Wool. This is the only piece for which this fabric this fabric was selected. The L pant cries for the heavier fabric which lends itself with more rigidity, giving the fabric enough structure to maintain the designer's vision for the design without compromise to wearability and comfort.

The signature S tee in a lightweight cotton with two tones to showcase the manipulated seam pattern. A beautiful hand on the fabric makes this piece one of the most wearable to come from her stable yet.