..new m.a+ offerings.
Soft calf, fold over, wrap, bag.
Brown, vachetta, computer flap bag.
Wishbone belt...Cross latch belt.

Some/Things Launch Event

The gathering was a smashing success and we want to thank everyone who came out to show their support! Here are some pictures from the event. Thanks again everyone!
Photography by Stephen Jerrom

Beloved Continues...

fun fun fun...

Model in linen jacket and reversible horse leather/linen strobo pant. Brown 6 hole boots in hand.

Homage to the ever inspirational and influential...LINEA

We offer these photos as a tribute to the experimental line Linea. Highly conceptual and forward from fabric, to patterns, to construction. Nobility of design not to be forgotten.

Model in 2Face leather coat and sponge pant.

LUC from the Lookbook

Featuring the double coat. Details include carded wool interior shell (to call it a lining would be an injustice) under a beautifully knit outer shell with a contrast knit "seam" which is braided perl knit into place.The functioning pockets also sit beside a worked open seam that allows you to easily access your pant pockets. Double zip to play with the silhouette and high collar which zips closed.

Label Under Construction double coat shown with the hourglass cap.

Label Under Construction double coat worn reversed exposing the carded wool interior shown with the hourglass cap.

Knit seam work and reversed fabric details.

another care package from m.a+

M.A+ grey / wool, raglan cardi/jacket
M.A+ white / medium weight poplin cotton, raglan button down shirt
M.A+ carbon / dual layer, wool shell(cotton liner), 5 pocket trouser

M.A+ Black / cashmere lined leather gloves
Presidential leather + chair
M.A+ Collapsible, camel leather bag
M.A+ Wallets

M.A+ leather glove closeup

M.A+ raglan detail

Sartorialoft F/W 09.10 Lookbook Series 1

The autumn and winter months are upon us and it only seems right that we offer a presentation to celebrate the seasons. Here are a few looks that we have put together as an informal "lookbook" featuring some of our favorite offerings. There are more in the series to come. We certainly hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed working on bringing them to you! Cheers!

Layer-0 Leather Jacket
Label Under Construction Jeans
Layer-0 Shoes
Collateral Rings

Individual Sentiments Coat
Individual Sentiments Layered Half-Pant
Layer-0 Boots

Label Under Construction Scarf
Michel Berandi Leather Coat
Michel Berandi Bag
Layer-0 Boots

Some new LUC pictures

Unfortunately, we felt a need to pull our last batch of pictures. Here are a couple in its place, thanks to the saving grace of a good man who stepped up and donated some time. Some descriptions can be found in a prior post.

Multi Color Scarf.

5 Button Jacket

Scarf Collared Jacket.

Double Coat


A humble Sartorialoft feature in one of our hands-down-favorite publications...SCOUTE! We thank Arto, the creator and executive editor, who is not only a long time supporter of Sartorialoft, but a close friend as well. Cheers to Arto, Scoute magazine and all of you supporting our "cause"! You are all greatly appreciated!

Article link: http://scoute.org/retail/sartorialoft

Martine Petra

We are proud to be displaying a selection of works from Martine Petra's Paafugl Series. Petra is a photographer based in and working out of Stockholm, Sweden. A range of her work can be viewed at www.martinepetra.com

Label Under Construction F/W 09.10

Our final shipment for the season from Label Under Construction has arrived. Here are some descriptions of key pieces from this season's collection that are exemplary works of Luca Laurini's genius. Pics coming soon...

The scarf collared jacket. This is a masterfully designed piece and possesses an unrivaled beauty. Completely reversible, double faced knit jacket with functioning button anchored collar that can be worn up as a high throne collar, down as a scarf collar and everything in between. Refined and timeless, it must be seen and handled to be fully appreciated.

Overturned Backbone pullover. Fabricated from a luxurious Angora/Wool blend, this pullover highlights the progressive knitting techniques that sets Luca apart as an incomparable master of his craft. The three dimensional detail running the length of the spine is created by improvisational use of various techniques with varying tensions.

Multi color scarf. This veritable buffet of color, texture and composites (silk, angora, fine wool) is a feast for the eyes and a heavenly tactual experience.


Maurizio Altieri presents the evolution of his concepts in project Avantindietro. Here are a couple of pieces from his collection of footwear, which we are honored to be sharing.

The footwear features sleek and low profile sole/heel sets that are made from lasts that do just that..last. The thin gauge laces are guided through eyes with needle and intended by design to be tied around the vamp and sole. They may look frail, but can withstand the battering of daily wear.
Lace up ankle boot in smooth calf. $1700

Ankle, lace up boot in reverse calf. $1700

Reverse horse leather, tall, lace up boot. $1800

White derby in smooth calf leather. $1590

Tall, curve zip boots in reverse horse leather. These magnificent boots, which are offered in a very limited, select handful of shops throughout the world, are as devastatingly beautiful as they are rare. $2250

Tall, curve zip boots in calf leather. $2250

Layer-0 F/W 09.10 Arrivals

We have received our shipment of Layer-0. The footwear is wonderful!

The Layer-0 Derby with its up-turned toe box in red. This is a great take on a classic. $995

The Open Tall Boot in distressed black leather. $1085

The 0.7 Tall Boot features a curved shaft and low profile sole/heel set. $995

Collateral Jewelry

The jewelry designs of Collateral. All items are handmade, treated and distressed. These are some beautiful pieces.

Iron Oxide Fire Groove Ring

Asymmetric Incision Hammered Ring

Heavily Oxidized Ring

Surgical Suture Needle Oxidized Ring

Acid Treated Helix Ring