Maurizio Altieri presents the evolution of his concepts in project Avantindietro. Here are a couple of pieces from his collection of footwear, which we are honored to be sharing.

The footwear features sleek and low profile sole/heel sets that are made from lasts that do just that..last. The thin gauge laces are guided through eyes with needle and intended by design to be tied around the vamp and sole. They may look frail, but can withstand the battering of daily wear.
Lace up ankle boot in smooth calf. $1700

Ankle, lace up boot in reverse calf. $1700

Reverse horse leather, tall, lace up boot. $1800

White derby in smooth calf leather. $1590

Tall, curve zip boots in reverse horse leather. These magnificent boots, which are offered in a very limited, select handful of shops throughout the world, are as devastatingly beautiful as they are rare. $2250

Tall, curve zip boots in calf leather. $2250