Guidi F/W 08.09

The Autumn/Winter months are upon us and along with it come the seasons' collections. I favor this time over Spring/Summer by a long shot and as the collections trickle in, I find myself excited with anticipation for what my favorite lines will bring. Here is a peak at Guidi's upcoming collection. This video offers a peak at the footwear and bags. I love the heel set of Guidi boots with the exaggerated reclining upper. The vamp seems to provide a more balanced silhouette this season as well. We see again, that they have brought back the collapsible bag, which has become a staple. And with the wonderful leather that Guidi produces, its about time we see a stronger collection of shirts. These are exciting times!

GUIDI - aw shoes bags 2008 from NO STUDIO WORKS on Vimeo.

Sartoria & X18

The mystery that surrounds Maurizio Altieri and his work is prodigious. Here we are granted a diminutive glimpse into the X18 showroom. There isn't much exposed here, but a chance to see the now defunct atelier in any capacity is an opportunity not to be missed. So without further ado, project Sartoria and X18!

SARTORIA from Alessandro Tinelli on Vimeo.

Carpe Diem - sartoria from NO STUDIO WORKS on Vimeo.

Carol Christian Poell

Carol Christian Poell has created a devout following in the world of sartorial individualists for his experimental approach to textiles and fabrics which are masterfully constructed into magnificently tailored pieces. Poell's design concepts are outdone only by his unrivaled talent for tailoring and every piece he produces is rife with his skill.

The Austrian designer working out of the Naviglio district in Milan, debuted his first collection for men in 1995. Processes such as object dying for unique color saturations, dye injections into calf leather pieces, as well as utilizing horse, cordovan and kangaroo leather constructed with an overlock stitch pattern (typically seen on agricultural and construction sacks) in his collection; has garnered international attention.
It is Poell's perpetual dedication to nurturing and developing his innovative techniques and constantly evolving concepts, that make him a designer to continually watch out for.

Altieri's Atelier

For all you fans of Carpe Diem / Continues. Here's a great archived article providing a glimpse into Maurizio Altieri's world. Enjoy!

Teruki Uchise reemerges

So I had recently received a sneak peek of 14th Addiction's upcoming F/W 08/09 collection. Now, being an avid fan of outerwear (particularly leathers), I have to say that the coats, in general, are mildly disappointing. Whether it be the over sized lapels that are reminiscent of the 1970s (and in all fairness it is because the look is a little tired in my own estimation) or the less than favorable button placement, the outerwear seems to have a slightly dated look to them. Though the coats are not exactly my fare, they are well executed. The patterns are pretty intricate and provide a solid silhouette through the back. Its a detail that's easy to overlook at first glance. The leather "cardigan" is definitely a clean look and I do love the black coat featuring the the raw edge seams in the last set of pictures. They did manage to hit the mark with that one and man is it sick! The color and texture combinations used in the scarves is exciting as well. The heavy contrast provides for an amazing look. The overall aesthetic of the line has got this post apocalyptic ninja vibe going on that I think is pretty fresh. All in all, I'd say its a strong debut for Teruki Uchise' reintroduction to the design world. I can definitely see myself wearing a couple of pieces and Mad Max Rockatansky says he would be throwing elbows to get his hands on these threads.