Lumen Et Umbra SS12

Anatomic jacket-
 in paper/cotton composition. 
Issei Fujita's designs feature design elements that function in a dynamic scope. The wearer, according to their own anatomy, movements and mannerisms, bring a kind of realization of the garments to its final state, which is as unique as we are as individuals. 
The anatomic jacket's back panel and shoulder seams see the breaking of static lines in an unconventional way. He has utilized folding and equally spaced, intermittent stitch points to create a crevasse which opens with the wearers movements. This concept, first seen in Avantindietro in shirting with delicate fabrics, is carried over into outerwear with great success. 

Anatomic jacket in heavy cotton jersey composition.

Anatomic l/s shirt -
in charcoal grey cotton.
The anatomic long sleeve shirt is a revised raglan with shoulder pieces that break from the sleeves, rather than running the length to the cuff. The seams to rear of the shoulders end in a dart, whereas in the front, seams converge into a single seam to form the classic raglan.

Anatomic l/s shirt in heathered grey linen.

Anatomic shorts
in heavy cotton jersey.
The anatomic shorts is a three dimensional piece. The approximate position of the break in the knee, sees a curved flap, which opens up and shifts the pattern into all axes.

Anatomic shorts in cotton.

Knit paper zip cardigan. 
A zip cardigan, knit of paper. This says it all. An absolutely stunning example of material research. The contrasting colors are achieved through airbrushing the garment as a post production measure. Light as a feather, this piece is ideal for layering in the warmer days of the seasons.

The First Fruits Of Spring

Layer-0: Derbies In Black Reverse Cordovan
Layer-0: Boots In Black Reverse Cordovan

Layer-0: Boots In Green Cordovan 

  m.a+: Raglan Jacket In Black Washi

m.a+: Raglan Jacket In Patterned Notu Jofu

m.a+: 5 Pocket Pant In Carbon Linen

m.a+: 5 Pocket Pant In Patterned Coal Notu Jofu

m.a+: One Piece Zip Shirt/Jacket In Sangria Linen

m.a+: Large Accordion In Black Spy Leather

m.a+: Medium Accordion in Heavy Canvas

m.a+: Medium Accordion In Scored Leather