Collateral Jewelry

The jewelry designs of Collateral. All items are handmade, treated and distressed. These are some beautiful pieces.

Iron Oxide Fire Groove Ring

Asymmetric Incision Hammered Ring

Heavily Oxidized Ring

Surgical Suture Needle Oxidized Ring

Acid Treated Helix Ring


Handmade offerings from Albert Huang. Collateral is a line developed through a medical and scientific approach to clothing and design. The clothing and accessories are meant to evoke a level of thought and reverence while retaining a feeling of familiarity. Here are some of the pieces now available in store.

Single piece construction crushed calf leather messenger bag with helix strap.

Crushed Calf Seamless Doctors bag that opens flat with a single continuous zip.

Leather wallet available in boiled pig leather and vintage elephant.

m.a+: f/w 09.10 shipment has arrived!

Nothing much to say here as the pieces speak volumes for themselves. We'll kick things off with a preview of the footwear at hand.

Black, vachetta leather derbies.

Gorgeous matte leather ankle boot, in grey with a smooth, polished hand.

Reversed, black, vachetta leather ankle boots.

Camel leather, tall boots in dark grey. If you want special. Here it is!

Also received some exceptional bags.

Collapsible box bag. This bag can retain a rectangular shape to increase storage for use as a weekender, but will also serve as a flat messenger for daily use. Hand finished stitching and treated leather. Versatility in a bag is a wondrous thing!

Amadei's go to bag. The original one piece, accordion bag. This bag is substantial without being obtrusive. It is beautifully constructed and everything down to the silver hardware is in perfect harmony with the overall design.

..more pics to be posted soon...

Individual Sentiments F/W09

Yoko Ito is the driving force behind Individual Sentiments. Her work is clearly the product of a focused presence with clear vision and a solid understanding of the human form. There is a warmth and softness to Ito's work that cannot be defined in simple terms of masculinity or femininity. Rarely does one encounter such strength and delicacy as intrinsic attributes so perfectly balanced in the fashion m├ętier. Her work is truly a reflection of the beauty, intensity and vitality that is the human spirit. Individual Sentiments defies gender lines and evokes more abstract notions, such as power in the form of water, to help delineate the concepts behind the line. Individual Sentiments is a true "cottage industry" artisan line producing limited quantities of the highest quality. We are grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to introduce her line to the U.S. as the first stockist in the country.

Three Layer Knit Coat:

Fine hairs, such as angora, alpaca and cashmere, are presented here in the form of various knits, layered in a way that anchors itself as outerwear.

High Collar Angora Jacket:

Angora/Wool blend jacket with extended cotton jersey sleeves. The extended sleeve "lining" has thumb holes which can be worn out as a functioning glove.

Angora Stole:

Angora/wool stole with cotton lining cut in a slightly obtuse triangular pattern is double layered with buttons to play with the dimensions and draping. Large enough to be used as a blanket, this is a substantial piece that is sure to keep you warm in style.

Please visit Sartorialoft's website or the Individual Sentiments photo gallery for more offerings and information.

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F/W09 m.a+

Here are some of the F/W 09.10 offerings which we are proud to be presenting at Sartorialoft.

First we have the double layer, open pocket jacket. It is constructed from a heavy cotton jersey in this seasons "carbon" color, with leather seam details. This is our favorite piece of the season and from the pictures, I'm sure you can see why.

A reversible coat in Amadei's signature raglan cut. The silhouette is simply stunning. This is a great piece worn reversed as it really highlights the construction and pattern.

Maurizio's collared, raglan iteration of the cardigan with a single button closure. Presented here in an airy wool that has a cashmere like hand. Extremely comfortable for everyday wear regardless of lifestyle.

M.A+ pants are some of the best around and its proven in the 5 pocket trouser season after season. A curved seam that runs the circumference of the pant opens up to reveal pockets where pockets should be. (Coin pocket included!) We feel the heavy jersey is an ideal fabric for this season.

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Layer-0 Spring/Summer 2010

A glimpse at one of my favorite shoes for the season from Alessio Zero.

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