MarvieLab 2011-12

Marvielab: A laboratory furthering the development of thoughtfully compartmentalized modular systems. And at the helm is Mariavittoria Sargentini, who has produced a body of work that prompts one to consider and re-evaluate the very nature of clothing itself. Her work is a doorway to possibilities. A passage that has been waiting for open minds to venture through, towards the discovery of beauty at its core on a fundamental level. So find your keys and indulge yourself in a dialogue covering a process of perpetual refinement and the tireless pursuit to rend from the final article, all that can be deemed superfluous. 

With the introduction of in'es'terno, we see fully reversible jackets, offered in dual-face, closed seam construction of distinct fabric and color combinations that grant the end user a vast array of unique representations. The fabrics range from substantial to airy. My personal favorite of the fabrics being a coarsely textured weighty wool/linen of infinite refinement. A material selection that reflects her pedigree and a reminder of the important role fabrics play in material compositions. Utilized as a shell that molds to the body like clay, here we see Mariavittoria’s very different philosophy expressed. Case in point: the new slim version of the S jacket, which imprints the shape of the wearer's body. The garment’s design is approached with careful consideration of the human form, which allows it to acquiesce to the individual’s anatomical realities and bend to the will of the wearer.  The pieces effectively conform to the many facets of the wearer, such that it is no longer exclusive in identity, but subordinated to the nature of self that is the individual. (Excerpt from the forthcoming commentary on Marvielab written for Scoute)

This dynamic between wearer and article had been met with an aesthetic shift from the original. The collaboration manifests a tweaked version of the new and already "destined to be classic" in'es'terno slim S jacket. This advanced run also sees fabrication in the hands of a master tailor.

The shell is a stunning material composed of tightly woven, heavy wool and linen yarns. It has a grainy hand that presents itself a polished suiting fabric. Unrivaled seam work with pockets falling within the twisting lines provide a streamlined product without compromise of function. 

The center back seam is accompanied by twisting darts that provide dynamic movement of lines in the profile of the jacket where the front angled seams and rear darts converge at the raised arm hole.

Mariavittoria had selected her fabrics to deliver polarized textural and color contrasts. The material pairings we have selected, create unique double faced articles that showcase her skills and moreover, set themselves as reminders of what makes the work that inspire us forever relevant.